One goal away: Francis Lewis makes finals by David Villagra, staff reporter

After making it to the finals three years straight, Francis Lewis High School has been established as one of the nation’s top high school sport teams. They recently played their finals against Martin Luther King High School, which happens to be third best in the country, while Francis Lewis is twenty-fourth.

Francis Lewis hasn’t lost a home game in over seven years. Some highlights of the past season include a sixty three game winning streak in division continues, and seven division titles in a row.

“Francis Lewis was a great team when I went there and I hope it stays a great team for many more years to come,” said alumni, John Koutsounanis.

Bayside and MLK are Francis Lewis’ biggest rivals. Francis Lewis holds the division championship and have beat Bayside for six straight years, yet they lost three out of four times to MLK that they made it to the finals.
Francis Lewis’ Coach Roger Sarmuksnis treats the team like a family by connecting everyone respectfully and fairly.

“He has no favorites and treats us like a family,” said sophomore, George Angelidis. “It’s like having thirty more kids.”

Players from Francis Lewis leave every year, making it difficult for the team to adjust and in a way, making them weaker. Francis Lewis always finds a way to win because of their heart and determination and they’re always fighting back.

On September 21st, they played against Bayside; Francis Lewis was down 3-0 at the end of the first half found a way to win 5-4, making tough competition for other high school teams.

To be able to keep up and lose by one point is surprising for a team in this placing. Francis Lewis lost 3-2 to MLK. In the first half, Francis Lewis was down 2-0 but that didn’t stop them. They found a way to catch up 2-2 in the second half, however they lost 3-2.

“We played hard did our best but in the end we came up short,” said junior, Luca Damasco. “Maybe next year.”


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