Holidays in Rockefeller Center by Shannon Doran, entertainment editor

Eyes light up more than the tree. Smiles automatically spread across tourists’ eager faces as they practically start running towards the beautiful sight to see. Hearts go into their stomachs as they speed towards the one and only Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. Emotions are running through all people as they experience seeing the tree for the first time.

Since 1931, the tree in Rockefeller Center has been lit for everyone to see. On November 30th, 2011 the tree was lit up yet again to officially start the holiday season. From 7-9 P.M. there were taped and live performances. The tree is located at none other than Rockefeller Plaza at 50th street, and 5th avenue.

“I am planning to see the tree this year. My friend from Maine has never seen it before, and I want to give her the full New York holiday experience,” said WJPS alumni, Sarah Bianchi.

According to, the tree not only represents the holiday spirit surrounding all new yorkers, but also the eco-friendly economy with  lights that are sure not to harm the environment no matter how many there are. Eco friendly lights have been used since 2007.

“I think the tree definitely helps the environment because people admire it every year. If more people see that the lights are environmentally friendly, maybe they’ll be inspired to go green. It’s our world, and our environment, so everyone should chip in to save the earth,” said junior and secretary of the Environmental Club, Bianca Rosembert.

Also according to, the Norway spruce will as always be decorated with 30,000 LED lights. The famous tree is beautified with about five miles of lights, and a Swarovski crystal star on top.

According to, the Norway spruce this year has come from Spruce came from the lands of the Immaculate Conception Seminary of Mahwah. People from all over come to see the tree every year, and to also have a little reminder of their holiday joy, and spirit.

“I usually go to see the tree with my parents, sisters, and cousins. Seeing it every year is definitely something to remember because going into the city during the holidays is so fun and great to experience,” said eighth grader, Demetri Mihalios.  “My favorite part about the tree is how big it is, and it also makes me happy to see that New York City gets into the holiday spirit every year.”



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