Versace Has Landed Allison O’Hagan, staff reporter

Donnatelli Versace has opened up her luxury designs to the public through the clothing store H&M as of November 17th. First opened in London in England’s Regent Direct Store, it’s popularity was demonstrated as people in London camped out in the cold for the first opportunity to buy Versace’s designs.

Customers were given a limit of one size per garment. Fights were even instigated at the store as the collection pieces flew off the shelves. Versace’s designs, now on H&M store racks, have instituted an image that will provide the high end fashion line at low H&M prices.

H&M stores all across the world were plagued with crowds of fashion lovers who wanted to obtain the new collection. Stores in Bejing, China and Dubai, United Arab Emigrates sold out their stock in thirty minutes. The website also provides an insight to the collection crashed that same night.

Pieces of the collection including canary yellow dresses, and red flowered leggings were auctioned on eBay within the opening of the store. The collection was first shown in a star studded fashion show in New York City at the North Park Mall location of the fashion house.

“I heard about the collaboration and went to H&M this weekend. They had a lot of nice hand bags and shoes. They look very expensive and trendy for cheap,“ said sophomore, Marla Rivera.

According to, Donatella Versace had said that the collection for H&M is the essence of Versace. Some of the icons of Versace are the bright prints, the Greek key, and daring cuts. She also can’t wait to see how H&M’s wide audience will make these pieces their own. also reported that “Versace is one of the most important brands of recent times and their collection for H&M will be glamorous, extraordinary, and everything Versace stands for,” says Margareta van den Bosch, creative advisor at H&M.


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