Shop Till You Drop! By:Allison O’Hagan

Everyone like to shop. No matter what you may walk into a store for you are always going to have the impulse to buy certain things. The urge to shop for certain things that you may not need is more difficult for some people. What may seem like a causal trip to the mall to possibly buy something new, has in fact developed in a diagnosed disorder called “compulsive shopping” that has hence forth been made into a dysfunctional lifestyle both financially and socially.

Complusive shopping is according to, an addition where the addict needs to buy to relieve anxiety. The causes can vary to such extends like emotional deprivation during childhood, a need to full an inner void,or a empty feeling, a desire to be perfect, or even a need to gain control. All of these causes can eventually lead a person to believe that the new Juicy Couture bag or that new pair of Air Jordan’s is a smart buy.

In this decade it is all about saving and pinching every penny that you have , and sadly according to statistics there are 17 million Americans that are complusive shoppers/spenders. This is a real issue as more people over spend, the more credit card debt these people put themselves through, which then leads into fights with family members over not having enough money. Issues like this put strain on families in terms of trust finanicially. The consequences to irresponsible spending can be huge because the more you  buy, the more money you must likely have to pay back to credit card companies family, friends, etc.

This addiction as even gotten so big that MTV even filmed one episode of their popular TV show “Made”, which deals with exposing the issues that plague some of the , which showed two young women dealing with the troubles of being a shopaholic which aired in July of 2008. Both girls named Gabby and Ally both have problems dealing with their obessions with shopping. Gabby refuses to admit to her parents that she has a problem with her spending habits which have resulted in leaving her parents $10,000 in debt and Ali would sooner spend all her money on clothes then on her bills, which left her with nearly 20,000 thousand dollars in debt. Gabby refuses to accept her fathers wish to go into therapy when Ally begins to see a specialist to deal with her problem. Both girls have different approaches to their issue and in the end it is really up to the addict to decide whether they wish to seek treatment.

Some of the treatment options include various forms of consulting. Whether it be group consulting, family consulting or even just talking to specialist you’re self, shopaholics almost always have a deeper meaning behind why they feel they must buy so much.

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