Sweet smell of cash by Sara Touzard, staff reporter

The Senior Committee hosted a Cake/Pie “Fun”-Raiser for Thanksgiving on November 21, 2011  in an effort to raise money for the senior class of 2012.  

Students and their families bought cheesecakes and pies just in time for their turkey dinner courtesy of Carson Cheesecake. The prices for these desserts ranged from fourteen to eighteen dollars. Anyone who wanted to purchase a dessert had to fill out an order form and return it along with a check made out to the WJPS PTA to the main office. The desserts were available for pick up on November 21, 2011.  

All proceeds collected from this event were used to cover any expenses for senior events.

“Carson Cheesecake will give back $5 for every pie or cake sold. We hope to raise $1000.00. We would like to use the money for the senior over night trip which will run about $285 per person.  So, as you can see the senior parent committee is working hard to help the senior WJPS families,” said senior parent committee member, Antonella Villa.

Both the senior class and the senior committee believed that the  fundraiser was a success and  hope that the cake/pie fundraiser will continue for future senior classes.

“I got cheesecake and apple pie to bring to my family for Thanksgiving. I think that a lot people did get involved with the senior class to raise money. I thought it was a great way to benefit the senior class,” said Amanda Brandell, senior.

“All of the mothers in our committee are very dedicated to making this “fun” raiser a success as well as all of the other great things we plan on doing.  Hopefully, we have started a new tradition at WJPS,” said senior committee member, Ellen Brandell.


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