Security cameras up and running by Kristian Grbic, staff reporter and Deborah Kosnar, news editor

The halll-way security system is officially in effect providing the administration with complete footage of student activity. Students are getting caught in every act of rule-breaking, such as texting or roaming around when they aren’t supposed to be. The cameras were installed for student safety.

According to Mrs. Schneider, “The cameras were put into our school because we were asked to put cameras into the school and we agreed to it. The cameras have been useful because we get to see if other students from other schools enter our school and we also try to make everyone safe”.

Last year, the administration couldn’t access the security system because they didn’t have the password; whereas, there should be no access problems this year.

McAllister, level three security guard said, “It’s a great thing that the cameras are running this year because they [the administrators] get to see everything.”


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