Chopping locks for a good cause by Gabrielle Cestone, staff reporter

Twelve generous students sacrificed their hair as a donation to people with cancer on Wednesday, November 16. Members of the Do Something Club organized this event to serve as a community service project.

Many cancer patients have to go through numerous sessions of chemotherapy in order to try and cure the cancer they have been diagnosed with. While going through chemo, people generally lose their hair. People living with cancer may get hair wigs, provided by donations all around the world.

“I regret cutting my hair because so much of it was cut off, but I know its for a good cause,” said junior Kathleen Gobin.

Helen’s Hair Salon offered to cut the girls hair for free along with a wash and blow-dry. The hair salon plans to send the hair to Beautiful Lengths, a partnership between Pantene and the American Cancer Society.

Senior Megan Betances, an active member of the Do Something Club said, “We started planning ‘World Journalism Retracts Cancer’ and we came up with the idea of donating hair. There was about a dozen ponytails collected in total. Not only were there girls just from us going to the salon, but some other students had had their hair cut on their own, saved it, and brought it to us so that they could have their hair sent in with the school. For a small school like WJPS and such little time, I think it was a success.”

The ponytails have not been sent to Beautiful Lengths yet so if any student is willing to, donate now. Hair must be at least 8 inches long (curly hair should be measured straight) and bleached, permanently colored or gray hair is not accepted.


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