Kickoff to a new season – Kris Grbic

In Green Bay,Wisconsin, a brand new NFL season started. The two teams that faced off were the Packers and the New Orleans Saints. This game took place on September 8th on Thursday at 8:30pm.

Before the game started they had a ceremony for certain hall of famers. Every single year for the first game of the season they announce hall of famers out and each hall of famer goes on the microphone and they get to speak about there times during there careers as super bowl champions. When all of the certain chosen hall of famers are done speaking they let out the two teams that are going to play to start out the season which are the packers and the New Orleans saints.

They announce all the players from both teams and they all stand quiet for the national anthem. When that is all done both teams come to the middle of the field and the referees for the coin toss. What the coin toss is, is where the home team gets to  choose either heads or tails and the referee flips the coin and what ever team that chose correctly gets to choose if they want the ball at halftime or if the want the ball to start out the game.

So the packers  chose between heads or tails because they were hosting the game and they ended up guessing wrong and saints won the coin toss and chose to get the ball first and that’s how the game began.

Chris Odriscoll high school junior, said “ The start of the NFL season is a great thing to me because it gives me something to do on sundays. Usually I have nothing to do on Sundays besides being lazy and bored, now with football starting it wont make me bored anymore and it gives me something to do.”

Yusef Ramadan high school junior, said “ The start of the NFL season is a good thing to me because i think its the most entertaining sport to watch on tv and i am a big jets fan, so I am looking forward to watching the jets play every week!”

So, at halftime the score was 21-10 packers. They were in very good shape because they had a large lead at half time and plus they get the ball once the second half starts because the saints got the ball in the first half because they won the coin toss. As the second half was going by the game was getting much closer the saints started making great stops and started scoring more.

The game came down to the wire towards the very ending the packers had the lead with the score of 42-34. Packers had the ball and they messed up and turned it over which gave the saints an oppurtunity to tie up the game. So the saints kept making good throws and catches and got down to the other side of the field in a hurry and the saints were on the packers goal line with a few seconds left on the clock and they made a play but they couldn’t convert and the packers ended up winning a very tight, high scoring game which was42-34 and that was the ending to the start of the NFL season.


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