Gaming with a stock market pro by Sara Touzard, staff reporter

ImageA member of the New York Stock Exchange, Mr. Chris Deluzgioa, visited Ms. Maldonado’s seventh grade stock market class and gave them a realistic perspective on the internal operations of the stock market.

The Stock Market Game is a math class dedicated to introducing students to the stock market. The students work in teams where they track and trade investment stocks daily based on current events that are happening in today’s world.

“This is the first year that they [administration] are offering the stock market game to the middle school. They are learning about what would make a good investment and starting to see how the stock market effects our economy,” said seventh grade Stock Market teacher, Ms. Maldonado.

Each student came prepared with questions to ask Mr. Deluzgioa, the Green Path Educational Specialist, about how the stock market works and how to make a good investment when purchasing a stock.

“I was excited and interested to see how he would integrate the stock market to our seventh grade class,” said seventh grader, Shana Solkoff.

Students also tested their stock market knowledge to see if they could figure out real life scenarios that people face financially and, learned tips and tricks on how to save money in the stock market.

“I learned that you shouldn’t sell all of your stocks when it is down because you would loose all your profit,” said seventh grader, Kayla Morell.

“I liked how Chris Deluzgioa had good examples on what the stock market is all about. They were easy to understand and he used fun tactics to make the stock market more fun and exciting,” said seventh grader, Darr Fuchs.

Chris Deluzgioa gave advice for kids who are interested in purchasing stocks in the stock market.“The best advice I can give for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the stock market is that you should have fun. If you do put money in the stock market don’t be afraid to take in the experience because it is a learning process. If you loose a stock in the stock market, don’t give up keep trying until you make the right investment,” said Mr. Deluzgiopa.


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