Students and Staff gives back for cancer by Naomi Smith- George, staff reporter

December is cancer awareness month and to honor it, the Do Something Club hosted a baked goods and bracelet sale on December 2, 2011. The money the club raised will be donated to Slone Kettering, a Jewish hospital in Bayside that specialises in cancer treatments and cures.

      The club sold to both middle school and high school during fourth and sixth period lunch. Students were excited and eager to participate in giving money to the Do Something club for a good cause. The club sold bracelet’s with specific logos and sayings on them, such as “ WJPS: everyone has a story” and “retract cancer”.

“I bought a can of soda and a bracelet. I think it’s a really good idea. They’re the Do Something club anyways, they should be doing something to give back to the community, and I think that having a bake sale was a perfect way of raising money for cancer patients,” said Colleen Fox, junior.

The club so far has about made eight hundred and thirty five dollars, and will continue selling bracelets until they supply no more. All the money that was collected will be going to people in need.

    “I think the sale was a very good idea, it raised awareness, money, and it was all for a very good cause. I’m glad that these clubs are putting things like this together in order to not only raise money for their own causes, but for a meaningful cause,” said Elisabeth Mckee, junior.
Do Something member, Katherine Eglezos, is very proud of what has come of the event. “I think the turnout was amazing and I’m just so thankful for everyone who either helped out, donated or bought any of the things we were selling. Once we sell all of the bracelets then we’re going to donate the money.”


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