New Year In Sports For WJPS by Hernan Leguizamo – Sports Editor

As a school without an independent athletic program, Mr. Millman and Mrs. Schneider have successfully linked up with the sports program of Francis Lewis High School. All students who attend WJPS can try out for any sport for the 2011-2012 season. Mr. Millman held a meeting on Wednesday, September 30th, regarding sports try-outs for this school year. He went over the different sports offered and the importance of getting the medical signed early.

“Get it signed, otherwise you won’t be able to even be active at all in any sport,“ Millman emphasized.

Having every single section and every line on that medical is critical in determining whether a student can play or not.

Andre Belgrave, senior and former Junior Varsity Basketball player said, “One day I was at practice, some kid brought in his medical. The coach looked at it front and back, folded it and told the kid to go home because he missed a few things.”

About 20 students attended this meeting. If anyone is interested in joining a sport, see Mr. Millman for a medical form.

The closest route to Francis Lewis is taking the Q31 on 32nd Avenue, two blocks down; it is about a twenty minute ride.

Competition is tough at Francis Lewis, but well worth the effort according to students who have played there in the past..

Sidebar : Boys Sports : Baseball, Handball, Lacrosse, Outdoor Track, Tennis, Volleyball, Bowling, Softball, Cross Country

Girls Sports: Softball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Tennis, Fencing, Handball, Track, Swimming, Volleyball


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