Middle School students play hooky without getting in trouble by Giorgina Orofino, staff reporter

The Middle School students held a Halloween bash located in the gym on Friday, October 28, where they were able to escape the evil clutches of class work during sixth-eighth periods. Students played games and danced along to the DJ’s monster jams.

“Everybody’s dancing and having fun, everyone’s costumes are great too. You get
to dance with your friends and miss class, it’s like playing hooky without getting in trouble. WJPS should definitely have more of these parties,” says James Panagakos, 6th grader.
Students weren’t the only ones at the party, teachers were lurking around as well.
Some students felt that too many teachers were involved in chaperoning this year’s dance
as opposed to when they have dances after school hours.
“I feel like there are way too many teachers in this party, like pressuring us to
have fun and that’s what is stopping us from having fun. I feel awkward dancing knowing
that their all around the gym,” says Peter Luna, 7th grader.
On the other hand, the dance was a great success and once the party was over, teachers and the Middle School assistant principal, Mrs. Poulos got a sense of accomplishment knowing that all students left the Halloween bash more than satisfied.
“All our parties are great,” says Mrs. Poulos.


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