Picture Day has students smiling by Ning Ning Shi, staff reporter

WJPS hosted their annual picture day for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors on October 11th. Different grades were called to the auditorium each period to avoid hassle. Even though it’s a common event, not many students prepare for or look forward to this day.

“I think picture day is just another day regular day in school, so I don’t feel excited,” said Arianna Pincay, junior. “I only paid to get a package so I can have memories of my years in high school.”

As usual, it was recommended that students dress in full uniform, including the blazer and the button down shirt. Students with no blazer were able to borrow one at the auditorium while waiting to take their pictures.

The order form had options with different background and poses for students to choose from. Photo shop is another option if students felt self-conscious about their appearance. The orders came with different packages to select including the most popular, A1 which comes with 25 varying sized pictures and the best valued C1, which entails 28 features of photos with a portrait CD pairing a collage.

“I got package C1 because it’s a reasonable price, plus I got it to look back on my high school years,” says Jessica Winowsky, junior.

Only 6th and 9th graders will get their ID card since some are new to the school. The remaining students already have IDs from last year so the pictures that they took will be used for the yearbook. When students who ordered packages will get their pictures has not yet been determined.

Ms. Reed, who was in charge of this event hired Life Touch National School Student Studios Inc, for portrait design and everything else concerning the pictures. “We decided to pick a company that is well recommended by other schools.”

According to Ms. Reed, makeup day will be on December 7th for students who were absent or want to retake their pictures.




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