PTA supports WJPS through thick and thin By, Deborah Kosnar, news editor

World Journalism’s PTA hosted their monthly general meeting on Monday, October 3rd to inform parents about what they have planned for the school, despite major cuts to their budget.
WJPS has lost $500,000 due to budget cuts which will affect the amount of luxuries they are able to provide for the students, such as trips and events.

“It is important for parents to participate in PTA events because it keeps them on top of school happenings, their children’s work and goals, and it helps support school functions and much needed school supplies,” says PTA Co-President, Mrs. Shine.

The PTA is allowed to hold two in-school fundraisers a year and an unlimited amount of fundraisers outside of school. This year, they’ve held a candy sale with Miss Chocolate and are currently responsible for a magazine sale with Kastle Kreations.
According to Mrs. Shine, “It is too early to know how much fundraising the Candy Sale will do, but since it is a fundraiser that has no over-head to the PTA, anything will be great. We certainly want to raise as much as last year (about $800) and are aiming for $1,000. Our expectation for the Magazine sale is $2,150…that is approximately what we made last year.”
They are also trying to plan an Applebee’s or Pizzeria Uno night in which about 10% of the profits will be given to the school. A parent volunteer is assisting the school in a fundraiser with Il Vesuvio, a pizzeria located on Bell Blvd that will give 20% of every coupon sold to WJPS.

“We’re trying to get community businesses to help public schools monetarily due to budget cuts,” says Lorraine Kosnar, parent volunteer.

“In terms of the PTA, it [budget cuts] effects how we give back to the school or how we should spend monies raised,” said Mrs. Shine.

The Co-President also suggested a “WJPS entertainment book” full of coupons for several restaurants. Whenever students wanted, they can use the coupons to buy food and a percent will go to the school.

The PTA itself has a total of $10,225 consisting of dues and last years savings which can be used for the school’s benefit. It is the PTA’s responsibility to assist the administration, teachers, and in-school organizations monetarily.


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