Students reject college trip By Alexandra Krupa, staff reporter

The overnight trip was suppose to be on October 20, in which students would have visited Lehigh Univesity, the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University and Swarthmore College. Due to the lack of participants, the college trip was cancelled.

The cost of the trip was $225 and students would have been provided with food, transportation, tour guides, and a hotel.

“I was upset because I was hoping that I could have expanded my knowledge on different colleges because I’m still unsure about where I want to go… The cost of the trip was too expensive for me to attend,” explains Maria Apostolidis, junior.

According to Mr.Lummetta, who organized the trip, WJPS has now planned three college trips that have been cancelled.
“I’m disappointed. I really did wanted to go. It’s kind of upsetting how everything is getting cancelled. I think our school has done only one successful college trip, and every time they plan another one and gets us all excited, it doesn’t happen, which is very frustrating,” said Arianna Pincay, a junior that was one of 8 that signed up for the trip.

According to a letter distributed throughout the school, “All WJPS college trips are designed to expose students to a variety of school types in terms of academics, school size, school location and activities offered. By visiting different campuses, a student can narrow down the type of school that most interests him/her. A large school in a small town in Pennsylvania can be compared to a large school in a small town in Ohio, Colorado, Georgia, ect.”

   “I think the students are voting but their response to this trip is that their not interested,” said Mr. Lummetta.
The school is not planning another college trip in the near future due to the lack of participants.

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