WJPS hosts fair for district Middle Schools by Deborah Kosnar, news editor

World Journalism welcomed perspective middle school students, parents, and the other Middle Schools of District 25 for a fair on Tuesday, October 11th. Middle School student ambassadors welcomed new comers with open arms as well as a past issue of The Blazer and organized World Journalism’s informational sessions.
“I love being an ambassador. I felt as like a role model for all the 5th graders that came to see what the middle schools were like. The fair was successful,” said John Kosnar, 6th grade ambassador.
Other Middle Schools that participated include District 25 zoned schools such as I.S. 25 and J.H.S. 185 as well as, small schools like Bell Academy and QSI. They too had representatives to promote their schools. Superintendent Danielle DiMango along with other DOE support systems were also in attendance.
“This event was successful for all the schools who participated. We’re hoping parents remain proactive in their child’s education and that each child will receive a fair an equatable education wherever they are placed,” said District 25 President’s Council President, Lorraine Kosnar.

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