Interview with Jessica Kumari by Lauren Lepore

Q. What was the purpose of the game show?

A. We decided to do this game show because we wanted to raise student’s awareness about college and the cost of it. We needed to clear the misconceptions that surrounded how to pay for college. We wanted to make it interesting and decided to combine our pop quiz segment on our show with also allowing students themselves to learn about the cost of college. We wanted to make it fun.

Q. Why did you choose World Journalism Preparatory School to do this game show with?

A. We choose World Journalism Preparatory School because it’s our favorite school! The students here are great, they’re very articulate and enthusiastic. We also love this school because they are one of the well known broadcast television schools in Queens and they are our neighbors practically.

Q. How will the students benefit from this?

A. I always found question and answers to be interesting. When I went through the questions I was shocked because I didn’t know the answers to some of them. Know these things are important, one of the biggest part of colleges is paying for it and I know from first hand experience that it’s a burden being in the dark about how to do it.

Q. Do you feel that overall students are poorly educated in this topic?

A. I feel like I can’t make a generalization about all students but I know that at my high school people didn’t know how to really pay for college or how to find ways to help them pay for it. With the financial crisis that’s occurring now people are trying to explore new ways of how to cut costs in paying for college. Now students are more informed about how to receive financial aid then they were a decade ago. I know my friends are still paying off their student loans and it’s nice to see that students now won’t have that problem.


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