Publication’s fair ‘falls’ into place by Deborah Kosnar, news editor

Held in World Journalism’s yard, the publication’s classes hosted their first annual, autumn fair to raise money for their necessary equipment. Students attended the fair sixth through eight periods where they participated in a costume contest, played various games, bought some food, and mingled with their peers.

“I thought the fair was an amazing experience to raise money for the publications classes. It was fun and spectacular,” said Darr Fuchs, 7th grader.

All the hard work and dedication that Ms. Sackstein, advisor of The Blazer, Ms. Destefano, yearbook advisor, and Ms. Robinson, broadcast advisor put into planning this carnival was put to the test on Thursday October 20th.

“Planning the fair was very exciting. It was our very, very first fair and we felt the stress of the many expectations. We got the publications classes together and asked them what kind of activities they’d like to see at our first fair. Then, we contacted vendors to see if they could give us either donations or discounts. We also went around purchasing and securing everything we needed for the day of the event,” said Ms. Robinson.

Students were asked to donate goods such as baked goods, gift certificates for a raffle, and anything else they thought would be appropriate for the fair. Students in all three publication classes were in charge of running the game and food booths.

“I worked the popcorn stand. I think the fair was successful. We had a lot of fun, even the students who where working. Students were happy and we raised a lot of money,” said Rocio Bauer, junior.

All games and food needed to be purchased, everything cost a dollar. As students walked into the school yard, two volunteers collected their money, swapping the bills for tickets.

“I think the fair was really successful. I collected cash from the little kiddies and switched it for tickets. There were a lot of buyers. The fair could have been more successful with a little more planning  which will help for next year. We ran out of goldfish, and all the kids wanted to switch tickets for food (because they wanted goldfish). We’ll also need more prizes,” said Ms. Donna, 11th grade para-professional.


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