In a ‘Knick’ of time by Joseph Wolkin

The New York Knicks are back and possibly headed for more than a first-round playoff sweep like horrific experience last year. It was the first time they made the playoffs after a seven year hiatus in which management proved to be ineffective. Even though they were eliminated in the first round by the Boston Celtics. The Knicks had many things to look forward to over the off season once the NBA lockout ended.
Not only did the Knicks add dominant big man, Tyson Chandler, but they also added Baron Davis. Davis does have back problems which continue to sideline him, however, he should be ready to get back in action within the next few weeks. Iman Shumpart, the outstanding rookie guard is coming on strong. With the addition of Davis creates speculation that Toney Douglas may just be out of the starting lineup pending on Davis’ consistency throughout the first few weeks of the season and the rise of Shumpart.

Freshman Mohammad Hashir said “I think I rather have Shumpurt because he plays better defence and Douglas is in a big slump now so it’s tough.”

Landry Fields, first round pick from last season, is slowly proving he has what it takes to compete with a team full of superstars. A few questions remain for the Knicks as they continue to search for the illusive NBA title which they haven’t had since 1973.

A new face lift is just what the Knicks needed to show their capability of being a prominent team like they once were. After the horrific Isiah Thomas era which finally ended in 2008, Donnie Walsh took over as team President. This off season, Walsh left the Knicks. After deciding to call it quits, the Knicks decided to give the job to someone in-house. Glen Grunwald was given the reigns as interim GM according to the New York Daily News.
WJPS alumni, Richard Williams believes Grunwald should invest the team’s money wisely. They need to receive good players in trades and get top notch players in free agency. Not only will it enhance the team, but it will make them better in numerous ways.
The Knicks seem to have the pieces of the puzzle to contend for a championship. There are going to be plenty of supporters this year as ticket sales are sky rocketing like always. The new level of expectation has hit New York hard, fans all over the place are cheering for the Knicks more than ever. The “ Big Apple” is turning on it’s lights, preparing to bring a possible championship to Midtown Manhattan.
The back court for them is going to be the biggest concern throughout the season. Within the first few games they have played, Toney Douglas, Landry Fields, and Mike Bibby have all underperformed. Douglas is gaining momentum as his first year as the starting PG. His speed and agility game in and game out is proving to have an affect of the Knicks’ offense. Even though they signed Baron Davis, he will not be active for a few weeks. If Baron can lead the Knicks to have four prominent players on their starting lineup, the rest of the NBA better watch out.
“Sign better players in the future, but helping out the offense is most important at this point,” stated avid Knicks fan, Junior student David Seizinger.
Bringing stars is what New York is all about and man o’ man did the Knicks do just that. The big three, or the “MTA” as some would call them, have been making the headlines nationwide. Three superstars leading the way for a team that was 31 games under .500 a mere two years ago shows that CEO James Dolan wants the team to win.
2012 should be an exciting year for the Knicks. Pressure is on for all the players as America’s biggest city is counting on them to win it all. For the Knicks, winning will take time. Confidence and teamwork don’t develop over night.

Having three superstars on one team is great, but they won’t get anywhere without teamwork. The Knicks have a lot on their plate this season. Mistakes will be made, but whether they produce or not, it will be a success from where they’ve been in the past.


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