A ‘hail mary’ to the Super Bowl by Joseph Wolkin, assistant sports editor

Even though the playoffs have already started, the top two remaining teams will battle head to head in the final stages of the 2012 season. Each remaining team has high hopes of not only making it to the Super Bowl, but winning it. This year was one to remember for all NFL fans, especially after the worrisome summer time where it was speculated there would be no season due to the lockout.
Even though the post season isn’t completely over just yet, there was a number of great plays throughout a season which much controversy. Players received more fines than ever, but star players were suspended throughout the year. Ndamukong Suh, a uprising star on the Detroit Lions, was suspended for two weeks during the season for hitting Packers OL Evan Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving Day.
“I understand that their trying to protect the players, but at the same time, it has caused more knee injuries as they are going for their legs instead of their upper body,” said Mr. Millman.
New rules throughout the league have affected outcomes of games in numerous games. There been new rules throughout the year, causing a rise in this, but fans have to remember, it’s for general safety. The NFL can’t afford to have players being smashed into their heads like they’ve been for decades. There is always a time for change and that time is now.
Seventh grader Anthony Roller said “I feel like there’s a lot going on within the league, but the amounts of the fines are way to much. I’m a Giants fans and I surely don’t want one of the best players getting a huge fine, it’s not good,” on the excessively abundant amount of fines throughout the 2011-2012 season.
Numerous safety protocols were made in the 2012 season. One rule change was moving the kickoff to the 35yd line from the original 30yd line. Even though five yards isn’t much, in the NFL it is.

According to NFL.com, the 2011-2012 season has had more touch backs than most as kickers have been able to reach the back of the end zone like it’s nothing. Not only can this prevent extra yardage for a team in a close game, but it can also change the entire strategy of how they will continue to look forward from then on out.

For those who watched the Giants vs. Falcons playoff game, it was easily noticeable how often the opposing kickers were able to reach the back of the end zone. In fact, Matt Bosher, the Falcons Kicker, actually hit the goal post during a kickoff in the fourth quarter.

Not only was the 2012 season a quick one, but it led to life changing events for many within the sport. Many people underestimated the Houston Texans once their star QB, Matt Schaub was injured, it seemed like they would fall shy of the playoffs once again. T.J. Yates carried the team on his shoulders leading them to their first postseason appearance and a victory against the Cincinnati Bengals. Not only is he going to be great for years to come, but he may have a shot replacing Schaub as the starting QB next season. Experience pays off in the NFL, but for one team it creates an excessive edge over its opposition.
The Super Bowl is in just four days. Fans are gathering around with friends and family to watch one of America’s most popular sporting events with one of the most known performers in the world, Madonna, stepping in at half-time. CBS will have live coverage of the 46th Super Bowl as fans can see the two best teams in the NFL face off in the most prominent game of the season. Fans should enjoy the game even if their favorite team didn’t make the Super Bowl. Not only because it’s the Super Bowl, but because it’s football and America loves football.


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