I’ll think of a headline… Tomorrow Gabriella Yannotti

To be honest, this article probably should have been written last week.

Yet here I sit, scrambling to complete this assignment. I have waited until the last possible moment, and presently I am drowning in a sea of essays, projects, and other homework, wondering how in the world I am going to get this all done in time to go to dance class.

Hi. My name is Gabriella Yannotti, and I’m a procrastinator.

Since I was old enough to understand how to use a facebook account, I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to focus solely on that English paper due tomorrow, or studying for that science exam. Even as I type this sentence, I glance longingly at the Youtube tab sitting dangerously close to my google docs, mocking me. And, though my case of procrastination is, admittedly, quite severe, I am not alone in my struggle. According to http://www.effective-time-management-strategies.com, a whopping 85-95% of students have admitted to having problems associated with procrastination.

“Even though I tell myself I shouldn’t [procrastinate] and will change, I procrastinate in almost all the assignments I’ve done,” said Michelle Xia, senior.

Though I have not quite mastered the art of punctuality, as evidenced by this very article, over the years I have managed to acquire knowledge of a few tips and tricks that have been incredibly beneficial, the first of which is creating a schedule.

After one has received all homework assignments for the day, it’s important to schedule out exactly when one plans to complete each assignment. Often, keeping a schedule helps one stay on track, and focused on schoolwork.

“A method that worked for me was setting up meetings with teachers,” said Xia. “ If a project is due next week, I make sure I make an appointment with that teacher days ahead to ensure that I have something done on an earlier day. This gives me more time to work on the assignment and prevents me from procrastinating so much.”

Also proven helpful is a change of environment. Often, if I am studying for a test, I’ll bring my books down to the kitchen, far from the Internet and all of it’s tantalizing glory. Staying away from distractions has truly helped me to focus.

If all else fails, resort to bribery. Often, I promise myself ice-cream or some other type of junk food as a reward moment I finish my history paper, or tell myself that I will not, under any circumstances, check my (insert social media outlet here) until I’ve finished the paragraph I’ve been working on.

Truly, one of the most helpful tips to be offered is to adhere to the Nike slogan and Just Do It. Set your mind to the task at hand, and follow through. More easily said than done, but definitely possible, even for procrastinators like myself. So put down this article, focus, and begin your homework.


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