Seniors Trapped for a full day by Leanne Romano, staff reporter Seniors can’t wait to get out Seniors can’t wait to get out

Senior year… less work, more fun… and a ninth period? WJPS is a school unlike many other high schools in New York State. Normally, seniors get many privileges, one of them being a shorter schedule, but not in our school. Seniors here have to stay a full 8 period long day, and they aren’t exactly happy about it.

“Some of us have a 9th period! We have too many things going on in our lives right now, we should be able to go home and rest,” said Erik Kim, senior.
Students that are on track for graduation still have to attend a full day’s worth of classes, technically to just be in the classroom.
“If we make all of the credits, then I think all we need is seat time,” said Michael Dadic, senior.

Seniors have been staying the full day, but none of them seem to know for sure why they have to. Many of them seem to think that this is unfair.

“I feel like we are being mistreated because the rest of NYC high schools allow and give their seniors  the opportunity to get out earlier, so they can get involved in community service or obtain a part time job,” said Christian Segura, senior.
“Having a full schedule senior year looks better to colleges.” said Assistant Principal, Mr. Jurman.

This long ‘regular’ schedule doesn’t allow students to make money or get as many extracurriculars that could potentially help them with the college process.

“If seniors have all the credits they need, they shouldn’t have to sit in that class and waste their time when they can be preparing for college,” said junior, Rocio Bauer.

“I believe that if the student meets the requirements and there is no need for certain classes based on the students needs for college then the student should be allowed to leave early,” said Mr. Millman.


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