Stephanie Lizzul There Is No Such Thing As Perfection

Many teenagers have insecurities, and they begin to think about things they want done. Many of them want to get surgery to look like their favorite celebrity. Another reason why teens would want to undergo surgery is to build up their self esteem. Many feel as if they aren’t good enough for the society.
According to Francis Palmer III, MD, every year teenagers ask for surgeries at a younger age. On an average they are mostly thirteen year old girls. Many of the teenagers at the young ages stated that their parents had approved of this surgery because around the same age they had gotten the same kind of surgery done to themselves.

According to teens would have used to just ask for a rhinoplasty and chin augmentation but lately they’ve been asking for more and more. Teenagers are now interested in getting breast implants, liposuction, lip augmentation, cheek augmentation and even jaw altering procedures. Teenagers at such a young age shouldn’t get surgery done because they aren’t mature enough and they are deciding to do this just so they can “fit in” or look like a celebrity.

Plastic surgery does help raise a persons self esteem, but at such a young age a teenager should get to know themselves for who and what they are inside before they begin to make changes to their body. Everybody wants to look like the people that they see on t.v or in magazines but the truth is that that is all a fantasy created by Hollywood.

Anyone who would want to get surgery at a young age should learn to love themselves for who and what they are inside because finding who you are is what helps you boost up your self esteem. Once you have self esteem you might not want to get surgery but if you do then you should wait until mid twenties because that is when you will fully understand the type of decision you are making.

The main reason why teenagers have such low self esteem is media. The media shows who and what beauty is meanwhile it’s all just a fantasy. One might see a magazine cover and think “Wow, she’s beautiful!” meanwhile all types of editing have been done to the cover. The photos and the movies that we watch are most likely digitally edited.

Some teenagers bring in a picture of a celebrity and ask to look exactly like that person. This request is not good at all because it may cause Body Dysmorphic Disorder which is the inability of an individual to see how they appear. Girls get more surgery done on themselves then boys. As shown in, society plays a big role on this because there is always more pressure on girls to constantly look good as well as they are always competing against each other based on their appearance.

Plastic surgery can make a person look prettier but it can’t make someone happier. With surgery’s people aren’t necessarily perfect but they do get an improvement. There is no such thing as perfection.


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