WJPS on lockdown by Nisaa Haniff, copy editor

In 2011, students were in disarray, wearing many different versions of the uniform, including sweatpants, leggings, unregulated sweaters, and all kinds of things. But now, in an effort to help the school maintain a “professional” image, sweatpants and form-fitting pants have been banned, this time, for good.
Students see the treatment they receive for wearing comfortable pants as unjust. If a student is out of uniform, they will get a call to their parents; if the student further ignores the uniform code, they receive detention.
“I dislike the uniform a lot because it takes away from our abilities to be free,” said sophomore Evan Rodriguez, “And isn’t journalism all about freedom?”
Non-WJPS sweaters are not allowed [over/covering the WJPS logo]. No form fitting pants [such as leggings] are allowed either, and neither are sweatpants, including the WJPS sweatpants. No skirts above a modest length or shorts above a modest length can be worn  and, of course, no denim of any color without a jeans day pass.
This is not news, with the exception of sweatpants being banned. Even if a student has gym, they are required to change out of their sweatpants before their next class. But since sweatpants are not provocative clothing, students are confused, as, to many students,  the actual reason why sweatpants have been banned is unclear.
“I don’t know, because they don’t want us to wear jeans under them?” said freshman Matthew Villa, to which his classmate Angela Konnaris replied,“Because they don’t want us to wear the same clothes we work out in.”
However, Millman shed some light on the subject. “The look that is being gone for is not being established by students wearing sweatpants,” said Millman. “There were incidents where students were leaving their sweatpants in their lockers for months at a time. So we’re also making sure we keep student hygienically safe.”
There is talk of a new, fully-regulated uniform for next year, one that will make our current uniform seem extremely lenient. So, if students want to keep the current uniform, they better get their act together.   

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