Class of 2013: Mr. Lumetta takes them on a roadtrip to college Giorgina Orofino, assistant news editor

For juniors, college is quickly approaching. The class of 2013 needs to be
aware of the responsibilities that come when applying and choosing colleges. Mr. Lumetta takes on the role to not only teach, but to prepare the upcoming seniors for what lies ahead.
17 students and their parents showed up for Mr. Lumetta’s college workshop on January 18th. Using informative power points to present information about the process, Lumetta sought to arm upcoming seniors and their parents about this future obstacle.
“I was disappointed in the turn out of student however, the workshop went very well and I’m very happy with the people who did attend. We were able to get a lot of work done,” said Mr. Lumetta.
Mr. Lumetta stresses to his audience that it is extremely vital that next year’s class makes an effort to do well in all academic classes and try to do other activities that will look great on their resume.

“I’m the only child so I don’t have any older siblings that have been to college. I wanted to go to this college meeting because I wanted to actually know what I should do and what I should expect this year and the next,” said Emily Reilly, junior.

Each power point had a list of crucial things that juniors should focus on for the rest of this year and the beginning of senior year. Junior advisors will begin helping students write their resumes and by the beginning of next year, they will be working on their personal essays with Ms. Sackstein, senior English teacher.
Upon entering the meeting, parents and students saw a table filled with sheets of different kinds of primary data. According to Mr. Lumetta, parents or students can e-mail him about any college worries or make an appointment for a family meeting at

“I wanted to go to this meeting because Joseph is my first child and I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to college;  I’m hoping this meeting gives me a lot of information so I can help him get through those four years,” said April Malendes, mother of three.

Class of 2013 already got their chance to learn about everything they needed to know, next year’s juniors have the chance to get a head start on February 8.


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