Town hall brings new talent by Jayne Papa, feature editor

A town hall was held on February 15th during third period for high-school students and second period for middle school students. The purpose of this town hall was to inform students about the main events and activities going on in the month of February.

Firstly, students were shown a presentation by Mrs. Song’s sixth grade class. The presentation featured the sixth graders singing “We are the World” conveying the message to donate to young children in need who are suffering from diseases such as cancer.

The video was later associated with a performance by the sixth graders. Middle school students stated that they had to gather up to about $2000 for Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital and encouraged high-schoolers to donate money.

“I thought that the 6th grade performance was really inspiring because they weren’t embarrassed about it,” said Adva Fuchs, freshman.

After the presentation, students met Youth About Business’ Director, Alvin Wade who came to talk to them about the “Youth about Business” program hosted at the University of Columbia for the Northeast. Students that were interested in business were free to sign for the program, offering them an experience in the world of business where they could also see how everything may be in the future.

Alexandra Krupa, winner of the advanced camp said, “The basic camp is when a team is given a company that is either being acquired or acquiring and the goal is to get the best deal. Advanced camp, that I won changes, last year it was a “hostile takeover” where my company had to aggressively try to take over another company. It was a lot of fun I enjoyed living on campus and everyone there are still very close friends with me. It’s like were one big family.”

Ms. Robinson’s and Mrs. Dougan’s step team “Precision” later followed the presentation with one of their performances. In the beginning, Ms. Robinson held a short speech explaining the history of step. She stated that “step is a type of dance in which one uses their whole body, step has African-Caribbean roots and it often performed in groups of people.”

“I had a lot of fun with the step team. I was very excited to find the amount of kids that wanted to participate and learn how to step and to see the dedication that they put into it,” said Mrs. Dougan, dance team instructor.

At the end of the town hall, important announcements were made by Mr. Nisonoff, including: The Dodge Ball tournament, The Poetry Slam in Bay Terrace and the High School dance that is coming up on March 23rd. Mr. Nisonoff also encouraged students to think about new ideas that they could come up with about how diverse the environment of Queens is. He stated that “Queens is the most diverse borough out of the five in New York City, making it one of the most diverse places in the world”.

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