Getting active with the Do Something club by Ning Shi, staff reporter

The Do Something Club hosted a “Teens for Jeans” project in order to donate unwanted jeans to the less fortunate. The club planned this event to provide the homeless with pants for the winter and summer.

“I donated because it’s for a good cause and I felt the need to help the homeless people that don’t have what normal people have,” said Anna Li, junior.

Katherine Eglezos, president of the Do Something club and Arianna Pincay, Do Something member, got this idea from They shared it with their fellow members in order to proceed their plan. Posters were made to encourage students and teachers into volunteering by donating their old jeans. Students also asked their relatives and neighbors to participate to increase the amount of donations. However, the jeans must have been in good condition for the receivers to wear.  

“I asked my friends and relative if they have unwanted jeans and I got like four pairs from them. They also wanted to help the homeless people!” said Nicole Yu.

A donation box was placed in front of the elevator and in the main office for a week’s duration, the last day donations were accepted was February 10th.

After the event, Club members gathered all the donated jeans and brought them to Aeropostale, located in Bay Terrace. Whoever donated will get a 25 percent off gift card from Aeropostale in appreciation for the jeans.

“Anna, Katherine and I gathered the box full of jeans and took the q28 to Bay Terrace. After Aeropostale checked the jeans they gave us the coupons,” said, Samantha Matos, junior.  

“We will plan for something every month like two projects, one big and one small,” said Katherine Eglezos. “So, please anticipate for it!”

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