Schizophrenic mother nearly beats her child to death, by Giorgina Orofino, staff reporter

A heart breaking novel written in first person about the struggles of child abuse is “A Child Called “It” by Dave Pelzer.

“It is not for me to tell again all the graphic details my colleagues and I witnessed and reported to the authorities so many years ago. That account remains David’s privilege and opportunity in this book. But what a wonderful opportunity it is for this young man to come forward and tell his story so that other children may not suffer.” says Steven E. Ziegler, Pelzer’s 5th grade teacher (pg 100).

The little boy that he is describing in the novel, gives the readers a sense of compassion through his first person narrative. It makes them feel the wanting to be cared for and the wanting to feel loved that he is trying to make the readers understand.

“I definitely feel like if the book was written by someone else other than him, it wouldn’t be a good book because he writes it with such emotion. It makes you feel like you’re actually seeing what’s happening right in front of your face. This book actually made me cry.” said junior, Brittany Morley.

The majority of people don’t read this book because they are squeamish and feel uncomfortable when reading the disgusting things that a mother could do to her own flesh and blood.

“I’ve never read “A Child Called “It” because I’ve heard its a really depressing and gross book and I don’t like reading books that will make me feel uncomfortable, I’d rather read depressing love stories instead.” said Paulina Maya-Tapia, junior at the Mary Louis Academy.

Pelzer’s national best selling autobiography may be gruesome, but is heart warming as well. After almost being beaten to death and incidentally stabbed, it’s a miracle that Pelzer is still alive.


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