Target gives a helping hand by Allison O’Hagan, staff reporter

The neighborhood store Target has joined forces with schools to help bring more funds to all students and teachers. Through the REDCard program, participating Target stores will donate one percent of any purchase to the school. The Target REDCard is a credit card specifically for Target purchases.Card owners can also receive a personal five percent off their entire purchase and even free shipping when shopping online. Like a credit card, any adult wishing to receive one must apply first. After being approved, the card holder is then free to use the card on any Target purchases.

According to, a total of $495.62 has been donated to the school from the start of this program. These donations were made possible by the 17 REDCard holders that have designated their donations from their purchases to the school. The most recent donation was made in August of 2011.

Parent Karen O’Hagan said,  “I use my REDCard every time I go to Target because its something little I can do to help my child’s school get a little extra money.” Some of her day-to-day purchases, like produce and clothes and even typical items like paper towels, can help the school earn money. Mrs. O’Hagan also added that “Buying something little [like] cleaning supplies can make a big difference when the total cost is added up.”


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