The greek club is the new santa Giorgina Orofino, assistant news editor


Students who are in the Greek Club did a good deed by contributing toys to the St. Mary’s Hospital for Children. The toys were donated from students and staff members in the school and were brought to the children in the hospital. They were not able to personally give out the toys but knowing that they brought gifts for a children in need made them feel, in their hearts, the real holiday spirit.

“We weren’t able to personally give out the toys, even though I really wanted to do that, we were able to at least meet the kids. Meeting them made me realize it was a really great idea to do this contribution,” says junior, Brittany Morley.

 Upon entering the hospital, they were given a tour of the first floor. The Greek Club was able to see the chapel, therapy room (physical and occupational therapy), the school in which children do their academic work and a section where they got to see the children’s rooms.
“For myself, this is my fourth year doing this so I enjoy going. It’s hard because some children will never leave there because their life span is not that long or because they have no family.  Yes, it is upsetting seeing the children with their disabilities but you forget about that because when you see their faces and they are so excited to see everyone that they are so happy and they smile at you, it’s priceless. Some people take life for granted and don’t realize how good they have it compared to others.  It also feels good to give back to the community,” says Ms. Douvres, advisor of the Greek Club.


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