411 on Student Government By Sara Touzard

Student Government continues to plan more events as the end of the year approaches.According to Student Government adviser Mr. Nisonoff, Student Government will continue to hold more Town Hall Meetings that will bring up student awareness and try to make every Town Hall more memorable.“As the months here at school lean closer towards the end of the year, there will be tons of events that students will look forward to that the student government have been planning for a long time. There will be a town hall meeting regarding the issue of drugs and alcohols.
The issue dealing with drugs and alcohol is extremely important because as a school community, everyone needs to be aware of how negative taking drugs or alcohol affects everyone’s lives and how to deal with it. This is a serious issue that has to be discussed with the whole school immediately,” said Mr. Nisonoff, Student Government adviser.

The ‘Drug & Alcohol Awareness’ Town Hall Meeting will provide students the opportunity to learn about the consequences of using drugs and alcohol and how to prevent others from using it.

A Movie and Dinner Night in the  auditorium to bring the school community together.
“The Movie and Dinner Night will be held on April 20th from 6-10 pm. All grades are welcome to attend. The students are allowed to vote on a variety of choices on the school’s website to decide what movie will be chosen. The food that will be served at the event will be an Italian dinner from Il Vesuvio and popcorn and candy for the movie,” said senior president Avi Solkoff.

For more information about any of the future Town Hall Meetings or other school events contact Mr. Nisonoff or any of the student government representatives.

Sidebar: Up incoming events
Movie Night on April 20th from 6-10 pm.


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