A Day with ACE “The Biggest Loser” by Chelsea Mesa, assistant opinion editor

The environmental club is growing more serious about the issues of pollution and environment inflation. They have been working to make the school’s environment a clean one. A corporation called ACE (Alliance for Climate Education) has been guiding the environmental club to new events every month.
ACE is an non-profit organization that educates students on science and climate change. Their goal is to inform students of the issues that are damaging the environment. They also help create projects in which students are asked to help out and get things accomplished.

President of the environmental club, Naomi Smith-George said, “I went to an ACE training in the beginning of the year and at the end of every training the ACE corporation asked me to apply for a grant, and in this process you are asked to write about why your school needs the grant and why we deserve it in order to help us get started on the next big project which is called “The Biggest Loser.” I ended up winning the $200 grant.”

The environmental club has been in contact with ACE for about three years now, and president Naomi Smith-George has attended many of their leadership training sessions. In the training events, ACE talks about ideas for action and give different demonstrations on how to complete the projects correctly and efficiently.

The most recent event that the environmental club is getting into is “The Biggest Loser”. In this project, club members are asked to participate in a competition across the country to see which school can lose the most carbon by recycling and keeping the school environment clean. Which ever school out of the country can lose the most carbon in 15 days wins $1,000 and, which ever loses the most carbon in their states wins $500.

“This competition is a fun great project for the club and its very beneficial to the school. Cutting down on energy in this school can save us a lot of money and it also gives us the chance to win money as well,” said Smith-George.

The environmental club is very excited to be participating in this movement. They can’t wait for this school to see the turnout of this event, as well as the many more projects to come. The environmental club meets every Tuesday and Thursday after school.




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