Fort Totten’s RCC is ready to get down and dirty by Naomi Smith- George, assistant feature editor

High and low tides, sandy sneakers, and garbage ‘picker-upers’ have become the new highlight of Wednesday afternoons. Fort Totten’s RCC (Ranger Conservation Corps) program is a voluntary program in which high school students can participate by cleaning up Fort Totten’s coastline.

The coastline, which is Fort Totten’s mini beach, is polluted by trash from fishermen and local residents each year. The garbage that is left there ends up being washed away by tides, which then harms wildlife that lives in the water.

“The program is great for students because it helps them give back to the community. Students gain a sense of pride by helping with a good cause to better our parks and our community, as well as help local and migrating wildlife,” Eric Handy said, RCC Park ranger and RCC voluntary program advisor.

Not only are RCC members keeping themselves busy with productive activities, they are also impacting their academic high school career.

“This program can help students stand out from others when applying to colleges. As more students apply for college, the competition for being accepted into colleges has become much greater. While high grades and SAT scores are always important, colleges are always looking at other aspects of a student to see what makes them stand out,” said Handy.

The program is currently running every Wednesday for eight weeks, starting on March seventh through May ninth. The program runs from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m and students are required to dress accordingly to work.

Students who wish to join can bring a filled out application, found in Mr. Lumetta’s office,  the following Wednesday ready to work!

Wearing proper attire is essential to your health and safety
– Good pair of old sneakers is great
– Long pants for tromping in the woods
– Warm clothes: a hat, gloves, and warm jacket at least
– Any clothes that can get dirty


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