Violence is never the answer by Maria Stefanidis

Between lunchroom fights to fights in the schoolyard, violence is never the answer. Students should look at other alternatives to solve a problem other than getting physical.

According to, school fights take place due to differing values, the lack of respect, reputation maintenance, and pop culture influence. A Cato Institute study showed that they are mostly caused by students that come from different backgrounds and have different core values than the others do.

“I think fights in general are unnecessary because if they’re angry they could solve the issue by talking it out,” said senior, Janet Chen.

The lack of respect is also a main factor as to why fights begin in the first place Most students don’t respect each other. Then, when they find a disagreement, it starts to get out of hand, resulting in violence and students not being able to control themselves.
Peers fight because they want to maintain their reputation. If a fight breaks out and someone backs out, they will be called weak and will have a reputation of backing out of fights.
“I think they just do it to get attention and people shouldn’t try to be tough and they shouldn’t do it in school,” said senior, Bianca Johnson.     

Pop culture influence is another reason. It mainly is students engaging in fights because of what they saw on TV or in a film and they think it’s the right thing to do. In today’s society there are always fights going on on television, which makes it hard for students not to do the same thing they saw.

School violence causes emotional and physical injuries. Emotional injury often leads to depression, anxiety, fear, and stress. Physical injuries can lead to getting hurt very badly, leading up to the person(s) ending up in hospital and being physically damaged for the rest of their lives if it got physical to the extent.

When faced with a battle, try to stay calm and not get out of control because the person who stays in control wins. Try to talk it out instead of getting physical with each other because talking it out can make things better in an instant and no one gets hurt and everyone is happy.


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