World Journalism’s Movie Debut by Gabriella Yannotti, Editor-in-Chief

When representatives of College Board and the National Association of Secondary School Principals, or NASSP, visited on February 9th, it was lights, camera, and action.

A documentary is being made about teaching best practices  the success of smaller schools.

“I believe that they chose our school because we are so heavily into technology and film that we are a great fit,” said senior Marc Silverman.

Both NASSP and College Board hope to use the finished film as an example of teaching methods for other schools, and hopes that principals all over can learn from it.

“Our vision is to look at exemplary schools and practices, and make a toolkit for school leaders to help make their students successful,” said Judith Richardson, NASSP Director of Diversity, Equity and Urban Initiatives.

“We want principals across the country to see [World Journalism’s] challenges and to see students…and to adapt that in a way to achieve success for their schools,” said Nikole Collins-Puri, College Board Director of Outreach, Advocacy and Policy Center.

During their visit, representatives of College Board and NASSP observed students at work in their publications classes. Though the film crew was meant to capture students working in their natural environments, some students felt the pressure to perform well.

“It was a little nerve-wracking,” said senior Alex Bao, “I had to make sure I did my role correctly to give them a good impression of the journalism programs we have in the school.”

Other students, however, felt at home in front of the camera.

“Being filmed wasn’t that uncomfortable, since this is a journalism school with a broadcast class,” said senior Annalee Manaloto, “So seeing a camera in the hallways or classrooms isn’t really a strange happening.”

Filming concluded the same day, and both representatives of College Board and NASSP seemed impressed with the school.

“They definitely left with a good impression because they asked for our live 4 five intro video, which they thought was very creative and innovative,” said Bao.

“We noticed the energy, the commitment, and the dedication of the principal…and I’m impressed by the reflection pieces” said Richardson. “I like how everyone is onboard to achieve success.”


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