Cinnamon..Impossible by Shannon Doran, entertainment editor

Heart pounding, spoon in hand. It’s mentioned all over Youtube, Facebook, and many other social media sites. This challenge is going world wide. Whoever can swallow a spoonful of cinnamon can complete this almost impossible challenge. Plus, they have to still be breathing afterwards; that’s the bonus no one mentions.
The cinnamon challenge is only one among the five top internet challenges that are not impossible, but difficult to complete. Not only is this a dare devil dare, but it may be gravely dangerous. According to, the reason why the cinnamon is so hard to swallow is because when it hits water or saliva, it gets condensed to the point where it feels like the throat is not only burning, but closing as well.
“I don’t think the challenge is dangerous because it just makes you cough, and I don’t think you choke on it. I tried to hold all the cinnamon in as best as I could, and it wasn’t enough. It’s almost impossible because within a second of putting the cinnamon in your mouth, it absorbs all the saliva, making it difficult to swallow,” said senior, Brent Owens.
According to, this challenge started in 2001. The show it appeared on was hosted by Michael Buffington, and played by Erik Goodlad. The outcome was later posted and documented as a blog article on Buffington’s blog. It ended up becoming popular, and it has been going viral ever since.
“I did the cinnamon challenge at work, it was an interesting experience because I did it with a group of people. It was funny because people at my job did it as an initiating process in order to work. The second I started it I started laughing, so that caused some of it to explode out of my mouth. It was quite disgusting, but I would definitely recommend it just for experience,” said senior, Alyssa Longo.

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