Let the debating begin by Esther Animalu, contributing reporter

Students arrived in Manhattan where the Model United Nations is held, in order to debate on various, controversial topics. In addition, students from around the globe also joined together to debate on captivating, worldwide issues. Each subject matter involved finding an educated resolution, defending the country ones’ representing, jotting down vital notes, constructing critical position papers as well as collecting accurate research.

Furthermore, in order to be fully prepared to attend, students must form in groups of two. Each group represented a certain country. Moreover, each set was distributed into separate conference rooms. The separation is caused due to all the debatable topics being heavily different from each other. Depending on the topic that’s being discussed, a slight amount of groups from the same school may be debating in the same conference room.

“Well, Model UN is very pressuring in a way, the conference is very stern about the topics that are being discussed which puts a lot of pressure us students. However, I know that I’ll have lots of fun,” said May Vo, 6th grader.

“This is quite an exciting experience. I’m very happy to be a part of this. I think everyone did a good job at debating on their topics. Students should definitely join next year,” said Rajaa Singh, 6th grader.

As students broke down into two groups and proceeded into the conference room, despite the topic that was discussed, each room stormed up a heated debate from other students’ aspects about the main idea that’s being deliberated on. When everyone’s views were shared, each group had to conduct a resolution that will solve the issue. The resolution is one of the most essential factors to put a lot of effort into when attending a Model UN debate. In addition, the resolution that is most exceedingly logical, and beneficial, would be brought into consideration.

“I’m excited and nervous, I think I’ll do very good at debating. My resolution paper, seemed to be very helpful to fix the issue I’m debating on,” said Portia Vargas, 6th grader.

“I’m excited to debate with other students from my committee, I think that my resolution would be very helpful for fixing the problem that I’m debating on,” said Donald Johnson, 6th grader.

“I know that I will have lots of fun debating with other schools, also, my partner and I worked very hard in our resolution papers. So I’m very confident,” said Sady Franco, 6th grader.


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