Shopper’s Digest, by Leanne Romano, Entertainment

Fashion trends are always changing. It’s up to stores to keep up with the latest trends and fads, since teens all have different types of style. Some are edgy, others are more hipster. Stores like Forever 21 and Express have grabbed the attention of men and women of nearly all ages. No matter what type of style people may be going for, these stores seem to have what they are looking for.

Other stores liked by teens are Abercrombie, American Eagle and Hollister. Some of these stores very expensive and much less practical for colder seasons like winter and fall. Some call these stores “over-priced”. Others think the store is of good quality and well worth the expense.

“I thinks it’s ridiculous to pay so much just for something to advertise ‘Hollister’ or wherever I bought the item. I’d much rather shop at H&M, they are a lot cheaper and I personally think their clothes look better,” said junior, Aliyah Caliguri.

Stores like H&M and Forever 21 have took the teen nation by storm. Both are said to be very inexpensive and “chic”.  These stores also have a wider range of customers, men and women between ages of twelve to forty.

“You can buy a nice party dress, or even a nice outfit for a job interview. It is much more convenient for me to shop at forever 21 because I don’t really have to go to different stores to get the different clothes I’m looking for. ” said sophomore, Georgia Panagiotopoulos.

Online shopping has brought the mall to the homes of consumers, making it much easier to buy all that they want with the click of a button.Although shopping online doesn’t give you the benefit of trying on the clothes before buying them, some say the selection of clothes is better. “i shop online because they have a wider variety of clothes.” says sophomore John Kang.

Most stores that you can find in the mall such as Forever 21, Express, Hollister and many more have online stores. Whereas other popular stores are only online, such as Online stores, just like regular stores have sales and coupons. Where you shop depends on your type of style, but many stores can appeal to all different tastes of fashion.


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