This term might come to an end by Chelsea Mesa, assistant opinion editor

Barack Obama’s past four years could be good or even bad in the American people’s eyes. Some American citizens feel that Obama hasn’t changed anything during his term. The people of American also must come to realization that the damage that has been done to this country isn’t going to be fixed within one term of presidency.

Junior Julian Oddo said, “Even though Obama has made great progress he is going to need four more years to ensure the Republicans don’t repeal Obama’s agenda so if he is given another term of presidency in time people will be able to see the results of good that Obama’s policies will eventually have.”

The speech that was held on January 24th was quite depressing. Of course, Obama was doing a good job pronouncing most of what is incorrect with our society rather than giving positive lies and making it seem like America is perfect. But he is telling the American people the truth, that enough is the most important thing a president could provide for us. What confused Americans was that there were no outlooks on what he will do in all his power to change the current state economic state this country is in. That is the problem America is facing; there is no trust in this democracy.

Obama has always brought upon the right perspective and choice of words towards his citizens but it seems to be all talk and no action. The United States has a form of government known as a democracy. The American people have a voice in everything that goes on in this country, but there is no action. Obama doesn’t seem to realize that this lack of action will leave people with no other choice but to not vote for him. Americans view Obama as a president who is all talk. When will America have a trustworthy and powerful figure who will literally lead the country to change?

“I’m absolutely confident we’re going to win this thing,” Barack Obama told about 50 donors dining at the Manhattan town house of the filmmaker Spike Lee last Thursday evening.

Obama obviously doesn’t feel the same way most American people feel about the issue with no action. The only thing that’s holding him back from becoming a willing president is simply the act of doing, getting something done to shape this society for the better. Taking an action that actually has a positive effect on the working class of America not just the poor or rich. This entire issue with Obama is something that is pushing some American people to vote different.

There can be two sides of the argument, though this country has been working to dig itself out of a hole for a long time. The people of America have to understand that it’s going to take a long time to dig ourselves out of that hole.There is plenty that needs to be changed in this society and it’s not going to happen with Obama’s one term.

Obama might have the spoken the words correctly, he does state the exact precise issues that this government is facing. The right thing to do is not jump to an enclosed conclusion because the man has the right idea. Just imagine for one quick moment that our president was an ignorant man who wanted to talk about what he thought was wrong with our society rather than what is seriously wrong with this society. There is no truth in that, no pure honesty. That is where this country goes wrong, there is effort to change.    


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