Add one more to the roster : Mrs. Keane joins WJPS by David Villagra, staff reporter


From being a civil engineer for nine years and studying at the University of Buffalo and Cornell University before becoming a teacher, Mrs. Keane recently joined the 2011 WJPS staff as a geometry, financial math, and math bridge teacher.

Previously, Mrs. Keane worked on underground civil-infrastructure projects (mostly tunnels) as well as on design and construction of the 2nd avenue subway line…and the number 7 subway extension. She also worked on the inspection of the New Croton Aqueduct water tunnel, as well as spending about nine months at the World Trade Center building site. Mrs. Keane hopes to be “able to share her experiences with her students.”

Mrs. Keane does miss being able to access interesting and behind-the-scenes places around the city because she “was able to learn how the city and the state works on a deeper level.”

World Journalism was looking for “someone who’s smart, reflective, has a good work ethic, a good educational background,” according to Mr. Jurman. “[And] just the subtle things one picks up during an interview.”

Mr. Jurman states that the administration decided to hire Mrs. Keane because, “She used to be an engineer which is heavy with math, she can discuss how mathematics has real world application, so students know how math can be used with real world application.”

In response to the new WJPS staff member, students and faculty have welcomed Mrs. Keane as their teacher with open arms.

Mrs. Evangelista, math bridge teacher said, “She fits in very well with the math department, she had a very easy transition…we started talking and e-mailing before we met, started collaborating with our math bridge class.”

With the positive feelings towards Mrs. Keane, she herself developed a positive emotion towards the school.

“I like teaching at WJPS because I really enjoy the students, their creativity and overall desire to learn and satisfy when students figure something out with your help,” says Mrs. Keane. “I also feel lucky to work with other great and supportive teachers.”


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