Soccer Profile : Alexis and Spencer by Allison O’Hagan, staff reporter

The weather is getting warmer and the cleats are coming out for many soccer fans that scatter throughout the population of the school. There are many players of this ancient sport that find their soccer roots starting out as early as the second and third centuries. Juniors Spencer Rivera and Alexis Savva have found a mutual love for this sport that is famous throughout the western and eastern hemisphere.

Allison O’ Hagan: When did you first discover your love for soccer?

Alexis Savva: I discovered my love for soccer when I was about 9 years old

Spencer Rivera: The first time I touched a ball at my sister’s soccer game when the ball was kicked out of bounds and I kicked it back. I instantly loved the sport and the feeling I got when I was around a soccer ball.

A.O: Where was your first team?

A.S: My first team was for my church.

S.R: Little Neck intramural soccer league.

A.O: What do you enjoy about the sport?

A.S: I love competition, soccer is a very competitive and physical sport. I love how the team ends up becoming a family, I could list 10,000 reasons why I love the game.

S.R: The competitive nature of the sport, the physical demanding nature of the sport is great and keeps me in top shape. The sport is beautiful to watch, beautiful to play, and gives me a feeling that is indescribable. I’m content when I play soccer.

A.H.: What position do you play?

A.S.: I play right defense, occasionally go midfield if necessary

S.R: Left full back or defensive midfield

A.H.: Have you been given any awards or recognition?

A.S: No I have not, nor do I expect one, I play for me I don’t need awards or anything

S.R: Yes I’ve played on the highest level all my life, and have won numerous accolades at tournaments. A recent medal was with Francis Lewis when we were finalists in the city championship for 3 years in a row.

A.H.: What team do you currently play for?

A.S: I play for Holy Cross [in] Whitestone & Francis Lewis High School

S.R:  I play for Met Oval academy

        This season Alexis and Spencer will certainly be found on the green, kicking it with this ancient sport. This sport clearly keeps these two athletes in their prime and their love of the sport only makes their love of this sport a real of their lives. Their dedication and love of soccer keeps the spirit of this sport a mutual global pastime.


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