Extravaganza’s a ‘best seller’ by Deborah Kosnar, news editor

The Do Something Club urged the WJPS community to do some winter ‘cleaning’ and bring in their old/gently used books for their Book Sale Extravaganza Friday, January 20th. During fourth through eighth periods, students were able to purchase books of various genres in the auditorium.

“We decided to have the event because we knew a lot of kids that had a lot of books they didn’t need or want so we decided to sell them off to other kids,” said Do Something president, Katherine Eglezos.

Books were sold at prices between one dollar and five dollars depending on the type of book and demand making the club a profit of around $153.

“I bought many (15) books because I am a book addict and love reading, and I found many books and got them for less then five dollars! I bought books that my friends have recommended like Red Riding Hood, If I Stay, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. We got many donations from other people that we really appreciate,” said Andrea Quintana, junior and Do Something member. “My favorite part [of the sale] was being able to meet students from the school that came and recommend books to them, I even got to share my favorite books with my math teacher and was able to learn a lot about her from that.”

According to Eglezos, the money raised is being stored in the school’s DoSomething account for future projects such as next month’s “Teens for Jeans” and in the Spring, a Dog Wash.
“The book sale was a busy success. I was responsible for selling children’s books 5th period and I helped out later on with the Traveling Trio by selling hot chocolate. It was a good experience volunteering for the clubs, it was busy but enjoyable at the same time,” said Anna Li, junior.“The sale was really successful, we had a great turnout and we are definitely going to be having a sale in the near future,” said Eglezos.

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