Welcome to the world, Baby Blue Ivy by Shannon Doran, Entertainment Editor

Beyonce Knowles and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter had their first baby girl on January 7th. They’ve named her Blue Ivy, and many gossip collumnists such as the Huffington Post wonder what made them choose that name, and what’s the importance of it.

According to telegraph.co.uk, it is because Jay-Z wanted Blue to signify his blue-print albums, and blue is his favorite color. Ivy was apparently chosen because it’s four in roman numerals, which is Beyonce’s favorite number.

“I think the name is a bit weird, but it apparently means something to Beyonce and Jay-Z,” said sophomore, Caitlin Pereira. “I also think that celebrities are going a little overboard with the weird names because celebrities children’s names have been as weird as Apple and more which is just strange. I guess they just want their children to be unique or remembered.”

Many rumors are being milled around about what led up to, and what happened after the birth of Blue Ivy. According to msnbc.com, Blue Ivy was born in the Lenox Hill hospital in the Upper East Side. The hospital may deny that the couple did not rent out the whole floor, but security for the couple was going overboard, and apparently wouldn’t allow a couple into the pre-natal incubation to see their premature twins. This story remains unconfirmed, but their are many more accusations stating that security had blocked others from their children.

“It would be expected of them to have that much security because it’s their kid. It isn’t fair because all those people deserve to see their kids,” said junior, Marisa Tillman. “We are all humans. Any person that just had a baby is not worried about anyone else’s newborn but their own, who cares if it’s some celebrity.”

According to rocnation.com/jayz, Jay-Z’s official website, a song was created and posted about the couple’s baby girl. It’s called Glory feat. B.I.C, otherwise known as Blue Ivy Carter. The song is about how amazing the proud parents feel, and how their greatest creation was her. It shares the struggles they went through having a miscarriage that was tragic, and the baby they ended up having was like magic. Listeners can hear the baby crying in some parts of the song, which is why it is considered Blue Ivy’s first hit.

“Overall, I think it’s cute. Especially since the two of them kept everything so quiet during her pregnancy, them embracing what they consider their miracle is adorable,” said senior, Jessye Pragen.


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