Experience pays off in the end by Joseph Wolkin, assistant sports editor

Athletes are consistently working at their hardest. For students who want to pursue an extra curricular activity to their resume, playing basketball is something they have a great chance to do so with this opportunity.
 “I think any extra curricular activities we have are good for the students and this one is good health wise and it will be good for the student,” said Dean Mr. Millman.
With the leadership of Mr. Maroney and Mr. Angeles, six full teams with a total of 48-50 students have signed up to have the chance to play basketball every Wednesday at 3PM according to Mr. Angeles. This is an experience that can help build key leadership, it also gives students the chance to have fun. But for the select students who chose to take advantage of this opportunity, it is a chance for a lot of inspiring students to something about their life.
“They will develop a relationship outside of school and they will talk to people they don’t usually talk to, is the way I see it,” said junior Yusef Ramadan, one of the participating students.

Intramural sports are giving students the opportunity to showcase their talent and build team work. Even though it’s not the same experience as Junior Varsity and Varsity sports, it’s still experience. This experience can pay off according to Mr. Angeles as he believes students will have a chance to develop their skills and boost their confidence, hoping for students to tryout for JV and varsity teams in the future.

“The purpose of intramural basketball is to offer a competitive and fun extracurricular activity for the student body,” said Mr. Angeles, Physical Education teacher. “Since we lack a high school team this program give students an opportunity to be more involved with school related activities.”

Mr. Angeles and Mr. Maroney brought back this program back to provide students the opportunity to play basketball against their peers as it was in “popular demand” according to Angeles. The tango of Mr. Angeles and Maroney are poised to get students in tip top shape, especially after Mr. Maroney joined the “Insanity” training program, he wants students to follow in his path of becoming healthy.

“I think any time we can increase sports and extra curricular activity it’s good for WJPS,” said Social Studies teacher, Mr. Mengani.
Junior Katherine Eglezos believes students participating will develop key team work skills and other skills for a possible future participating in sports.
Basketball is a physical sport, a brutal one at the least. Students will have their work set out for them throughout the year.

As junior Michael Laut said “It’s my time to shine and destroy anyone in my path.”Basketball can be played by practically anyone. Even though it is just for fun, players such as Laut will be giving their full on effort in each game.

Students can sign up at any time, even though the teams are preparing to get their first action on the court. This is a one of a kind opportunity as no other intramural sports will be played throughout the year.


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