A ticker tape parade for the Super Bowl Champion Giants by Joseph Wolkin, staff reporter

A season which was in doubt at one point, came to a victorious end as the New York Giants were crowned as the Super Bowl Champions. New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg spent $331,000 according to Foxsports.com in a collaboration to throw the team a “ticket tape parade” for the second time in the city’s history.
Thousands of people lined up the streets of downtown Manhattan for the spectacular event as fans rapidly celebrated the Giants’ fourth championship since the inception of the Super Bowl in 1966.
Giants fans chanted throughout the streets as each team member rolled down the parade route. The collaboration by Mayor Bloomberg was fantastic as people were star struck. Most players were aboard the floats which were filled with Giants colors.
The thousands of fans who lined up and down the parade route showed their “true blue” colors. There was even fans who displayed full blue apparel. Controversy spread throughout the parade as numerous people were arrested for inappropriate actions, likely due to intoxication for the most part. But for many fans, they went all out as the Giants have only won four Championships since their inception in 1925.
Throughout the day, fans threw toilet paper and miniature footballs across the parade route. Police officers lined up in the streets making sure no corruption was taking place. Fans were thrilled for the Giants as they journeyed down to City Hall where the mayor handed each member of the team a key to the city.

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