Making someone’s day is only a candy cane away by Gabrielle Cestone, assistant entertainment editor

The environmental club hosted it’s first candy cane sale from December 20-23, 2011 to spark up the holiday spirit at school. The purpose of the event was to raise money for the clubs recycling program that has been running for about two years.

“It was fun to go to different classes throughout the day and hand out candy canes to everyone. The club is planning on renovating the outside garden in the small yard with the money raised,” said Ruchi Vaidya, freshman.

Students were able to purchase candy canes on the 20th, and 21st and candy canes were given out to students the 22nd and 23rd. Candy canes ranged from one to two dollars. Single candy canes being one dollar, and candy canes accompanied with a card, two dollars.

“My boyfriend Allen bought a candy cane for me and it made me feel really happy when I received it. I’m glad that the money is going towards a good cause,” says Daniela Sosa.

“The event went really well! The environmental club worked really hard , and we raised a lot of money for our schools recycling program. The money is going towards supplies that we need to make the program successful. It was hectic, but the dedicated club members that I have made the event really worth while. Plus it added a little extra to WJPS for the holidays,” said Naomi Smith- George, president of the Environmental Club.

Orders were taken from students on the 20th-21st so that the club can estimate the number of candy canes they needed to hand out eventually raising somewhere between $150-$200.


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