CEC puts district’s business in order by Deborah Kosnar, news editor

The Community Education Council (CEC) hosted their monthly meeting open to the public on Wednesday, November 11th. Held in the district building on Linden Place, the community was brought together with students’ educations in mind.
President, Nicholas Corrado called the meeting to order followed by a quick reading and approving of last month’s minutes by the board. District 25’s Superintendent, Danielle DiMango then gave a thorough presentation on the contracts for excellence proposed 2011-2012 plan as well as discussed her monthly report.

Mr. Corrado explains that “we are all here for the students” referring to the council and the attendees as he opened the floor to questions.

D25 President’s Council President, Lorraine Kosnar presented a conflict regarding school-busing cuts and expects the council members to “be the solution, not the problem.”

Councilman Dan Halloran follows up on her argument by stating, “It is a total failure of government, one of many. Students aren’t a priority concern, money is.”

Another issue presented was regarding a rumor that the DOE was looking to put another school into the Adrian-Block school building. Currently, this rumor is proven false and there will not be a fourth school to cramp the already crowded halls.

Mrs. Poulos, Assistant Principal, said when they proved the rumor false she was, “relieved that our little miracle of a school would be left alone.” If a fourth school was added to this building, “it would be a lot more crowded than it is now.”

If another school was added to the building, Katherine Eglezos, junior, would “definitely complain to the D.O.E or the principal or someone, three schools in one building is MORE THAN ENOUGH. I’m really relieved that there is no new school.”

After adjourning the public meeting, the CEC held their executive board meeting. The CEC discusses their minutes at their general meetings, held on the first Wednesday of the month. December 7th is the tentative date for the next meeting.


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