The Giant’s mid-way point success by Kris Grbic, staff reporter

The New York Giants are 6-2. So they have 6 wins and 2 losses. They are right now in first place in their division. They are in a division with the Eagles, Cowboys, and Redskins. It is a very tight division right now, as they reach the middle of the season. The Cowboys have a record of 4-4,the Eagles have a record of 3-5,and the Redskins have a record of 3-5. So the giants as of right now have a lot of breathing space in the NFC East.

Last week the Giants played the Patriots in a clash of two of the best teams in the NFL in New England. In arguably the most exciting game of the season the Giants thwarted the Patriots 24-20 breaking the Patriots regular season 21 game home winning streak. Now the giants are well known as patriot streak killers because this isn’t the first time that giants broke a patriot streak, they also did it in super bowl 42. The patriots were a record of 18-0 and giants shockingly came out victorious after the huge game that everyone thought giants would lose.

Last week’s game against patriots was also a shocking game because a lot of analysts had patriots winning this game because they were 21-0 at home and felt they wanted revenge on the giants because if patriots would’ve won that year in Super Bowl 42 they would’ve made history. Another reason why patriots were picked to win this game was because giants had two key players out for this game which was their starting running back Ahmad Bradshaw and there starting wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. So now with this big win that the giants got, it puts them in good position to get to the postseason, as they reached the midpoint of their NFL season.


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