It’s Hard to Lie in Body Language by Shannon Doran, entertainment editor

The Gist of Body Language

Reading and knowing body language can be very beneficial to a person’s life. With body language people can tell if someone is lying, uncomfortable, upset, nervous, and much more. Not only does facial structures and movements tell how a person feels, but body structures do as well.

According to, a study was done showing that both facial and body movements are important in determining how a person feels. Most studies of the brain wave of emotion have focused on brain activity created by the understanding of still images of facial expressions. These images were given to researchers with the technology of MRI machines. These images showed brain activity. This study was done by Beatrice de Gelder,  a neuroscientist.

Why Body Language is Relevant to Students
Twitching while seating, moving of the feet, hands can’t stay still. These are the typical movements a nervous student makes as they are being interviewed for the college of their dreams. Thoughts run wild in the students minds as the college admissions counselor asks question after question, but the words come out jumbled. Nervousness is evident by their body language. This is just one example of body language that may go on in a students life.
When I went for a college interview I was extremely nervous because it wasn’t a regular college. It was an art college which meant that on top of the interview, they were also reviewing my work, and I had never had that happen before. It was for Cooper Union and the whole time I was just thinking, I hope they like me because if they don’t my dreams for college are going to be crushed,” said senior, Lauren Lepore.
Students show body language in other ways on a daily basis. According to, emotions can be shown through body language that students may convey. Confidence, thinking, indecision, and insecurity are just some of the examples shown. When someone is confident, they’ll be sitting with there with their legs crossed and hands behind their head. When someone is thinking they’ll be stroking their chin. And lastly, if someone is facing a situation where they are undecided, they’ll be tugging on their ear.

What Teachers Notice in Students
When students show their emotions through body language, their peers aren’t the only ones to notice. According to, teachers can be able to pick up on the moods of their students judging by their body language. If teachers attend to the body language of their students they can tell and know if they are bored or confused. Also according to, students can tell how their teachers are feeling; if they are confident and enthusiastic.
“I think it’s important to notice a student’s body language; the way that a student’s sitting can give you a clue as to their general thoughts and feelings. You can tell when a student is having a bad day, and you can tell when a student is going to be off the wall,”  said Mr. Petrotta. I would say one of the biggest giveaways of when a student is tired is when you catch them


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