“Football is my wife, but Baseball is my side joint” by Allison O’Hagan, staff reporter

Imagine seeing a football player on a green field with hundreds of screaming fans, cheering for one player with only five minutes left in the game to claim a victory for his team. While this is happening that player remembers that he has an essay due for his freshman English class. This is the life of a college football player. For senior Antonio Gatto, this will soon be  a reality. Ever since Gatto was young, his dream was to be on the field and in his fourth year of high school Gatto is on his way to graduation and to becoming one of the newest student athletes in the New York State.

I came to the understanding a college has recruited you. Congratulations! What school have you been recruited by?
Erie has recruited me for football

How long have sports been a big part of your life?
Ever since first grade, I was watching the Steelers’ Championship Game and I watched my father play football and I went signed up and I excelled at it and we won the championship and I was nominated MVP, and it makes me feel good

Has getting scholarships to college in exchange for your promise to play for their football team been a goal of yours throughout high school?

Yes to play football at a collegiate level has been my dream since I was a little kid, and I am not going to stop, I want to play at a high rank school

As an accomplished athlete do you have any advice for younger athletes who are considering becoming college athletes?
Put your head to it, commit to it and don’t give up and just be 100% committed

You clearly have a passion for football , but do you have a  love of any other sports?
Baseball, and it is another thing that I picked up two years ago and the first game I ever pitched. I went to practice for Mr. Millman and I did a great job and my coach for my JV (Junior Varsity) team, asked me to pitch for Tottenville, New York.  Football is my better sport and the sport I love however.

Antonio’s hard work in school and on the field has guaranteed  him a future in a higher institution of learning. His dedication to his work and craft of the sport makes him a candidate for the typical profile of a well rounded student athlete. For students that have the passion for a sport they love and want to benefit their education from it, Antonio’s future is not far off from that dream.


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